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ReMixed Series: #1 Murder of Thieves

ReMixed. A series of paintings with all good idea and intention just somehow missed the mark. Sometimes being prolific isn’t the best thing, and some works deserve a second chance. #1 Murder of Thieves I still love the concept and sense of dread that comes with the Raven, the Crow. This black bird that symbolizes […]

All things Erni

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Welcome one and welcome all to my newly, revamped, reworked and re-imagined 2016 EVLworld and all things Erni newsletter! (mild applause haha). The theme for this newsletter is procrastination, since I have been putting it off for years, it seems, but no longer will I deprive my friends of important, well maybe in the scheme […]

An Unusual Journey

  Erni Vales Ltd is EVL. Over the past 30 years, you have seen his work in restaurants, photo sets, CD covers, backdrops, subway cars and illustrations, you just didn’t know it was Erni Vales. Raised in the Lower East Side of NYC, Vales laid the foundation of his style on the sides of New […]


Erni Vales may be best known for his development of the 3D graffiti style that has influenced thousands worldwide to follow his technique; however, Vales, has a portfolio reaching far beyond what might be expected from a graffiti artist. Now a creative powerhouse, Vales has completed many successful projects ranging from large-scale murals, to art […]

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