Welcome one and welcome all to my newly, revamped, reworked and re-imagined 2016 EVLworld and all things Erni newsletter! (mild applause haha).

The theme for this newsletter is procrastination, since I have been putting it off for years, it seems, but no longer will I deprive my friends of important, well maybe in the scheme of things in life not that important, but as far as my career goes, fairly important news, info and progress on the myriad of creative chapters in my life today. And the will be discounts for those daring enough to read this thing entirely, honor system completely of course.

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Since I haven’t caught everyone up in a while I will just glaze over some of the highlights of what’s going on. First, EVLworld has opened a pop up in the surf town Jaco, Costa Rica in my best buddy’s place called Mancave, which I like to describe as cool underground speakeasy meets Starbucks, and if you ever get to Jaco to see it you may understand exactly what I mean. It’s a great concept and we are very excited about this adventure. Plus it gets us out of this country right after the frightful upcoming elections. The US put an ad out seeking a president and no one answered it.

Mancave 3

Mt new series of paintings called ReVamped has begun. After doing 169 paintings for my Unusual Journey series I was ecstatic to have a serious body of work again and out of that 169 I estimate that I got about 80 pieces that I love and that stand out as great pieces for me, about half which is really fantastic. The others though I felt need reworking, or revising because the ideas and concepts were strong the execution or something was lacking and I am really excited to re-release the new re-updated repainted series. For re-als!


And finally, the best for last, I have begun painting public, outdoor pieces again, a kind of out of retirement series, beginning with a moderate sized wall on 36 street here in Wynwood. It feels great spray painting large again, its been sooooo very long and I hope to gather more walls here in Miami, then NYC, hopefully Chicago and maybe, just maybe DC. My heart loves painting big, I just hope my bad feet and bad back don’t ruin this return to my roots. Growing old isn’t the sex, drugs and rock party I had hoped it would be.

There’s other stuff coming too ,new paintings on canvas aaaand my brave foray into digital pieces, new sculpture jewelry, an illustration series and my brand new blog where I will go into all of these topics in much more great detail but to try to prevent me from getting more long winded than I already am I will close here. I hope I have caught everyone up somewhat, I will hopefully be getting better at all this and for anyone that has read to the end, bless you.

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