ReMixed. A series of paintings with all good idea and intention just somehow missed the mark. Sometimes being prolific isn’t the best thing, and some works deserve a second chance.

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Painting by Erni Vales

#1 Murder of Thieves

I still love the concept and sense of dread that comes with the Raven, the Crow. This black bird that symbolizes such darkness from Poe to the Simpsons to the Omen (the first one, the scary as shit one) the Raven was that symbol. If you have 3 or more Ravens its called a murder, not a gaggle, not a rhumba (rattlesnakes, for real) or a flock, a freaking murder,  so of course I was eager to paint this one but wow did I miss it, the “Murder” piece style was in this slasher kind of scary movie motif but never translated that and the ravens themselves were way out of proportion and so as much as I wanted to create this piece I failed it.

Revisiting it allowed me to create a new old school graffiti Murder piece which is wild enough to add new color and life to the background while still being at least kind of legible after all the painting is all about the ravens. The ravens got their makeover and now stand more menacing and proportional. The loot, the jewelry, (its been known that crows are attracted to shiny things and will help themselves on occasion to your shiny stuff) I was able now to tie into the colors of the Murder piece so the continuity would be more even, warm colors above and below, cool colors between, like a raven sandwich.

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