Erni Vales Ltd is EVL.

Over the past 30 years, you have seen his work in restaurants, photo sets, CD covers, backdrops, subway cars and illustrations, you just didn’t know it was Erni Vales.

Raised in the Lower East Side of NYC, Vales laid the foundation of his style on the sides of New York’s subway cars, becoming a pioneer of that burgeoning art scene.

Now with over 30 years creating, Vales takes on an amazing self-imposed challenge known as “An Unusual Journey” in which he paints a staggering 13 images on canvas every month for 13 months. Each month he ushers in a different theme, showcasing his wide range of style and fantastic imagery. His work leaves a memorable impression, inviting each viewer to tell the story; thus,  joining him on the rest of his monumentally creative and, of course, unusual journey.

On display at his personal exhibition space, EVL World Studio, Vales also displays classic and recognizable pieces from his previous 30 year trek. You are invited to follow Vales on this journey of creating 150+, high caliber, clever and appealing pieces during the course of the year. You can help him complete this task by feeding him with your input, comments and energy which he says, in turn, feed his creativity. You can see “An Unusual Journey” collection pieces online. He also offers signed prints and posters at EVL World Studio.

“The reason I am doing 13 paintings each month for 13 months is because it’s the absolute highest amount I can do without sacrificing quality or content, and because its very, very difficult to do. I’m very attracted to that challenge!”

-Erni Vales


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