Only in America folks, only in America.

For years now i have been noticing that, mostly on American cars, not so much the foriegn ones but definitely on American that when yo open the trunk you would fing this little moniker.

Its actually a glow in the dark pull release that opens the trunk from the inside, i want you to take a moment and really think this through with me, so if you happen to out and about and find yourself, oh, lets say locked in the trunk of your, or possibly a friends car, well no longer need you have a fear about this because all cars now come with this handy escape latch.

So here is what i think is the hysterical part… If you locked yourself in the trunk out of , i dont know, sheer stupidity, worry not, theres a way that you, and your madness can get free and live on to breed your special brand of crazy. if someone locked you into the trunk, for lets say a completely different kind of insanity, worry not, theres a way out, notice in the image that it does imply that if you need to use the emergency glow in the dark release pull, then you should run from the vehicle, you really shouldnt be near any vehicles or macinery at all.

Now not all vehicles have this, many are different but this one i have seen but out of all that i have witnessed the most truly terrifying one was definitely the escape, run, save your life glow in the dark pull release, was in a PT Cruiser, hatchback. Think that madness through, a hatchback, hysterical. Only in America!

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