ReMixed. A series of paintings with all good idea and intention just somehow missed the mark. Sometimes being prolific isn’t the best thing, and some works deserve a second chance.

“$” From the origami inspired series.

I still wish I could origami graffiti letters for real, how cool would that be. I can however imagine it, or at least I sure thought I could. Sometimes as I am painting a piece that I feel is a great idea and I can feel deep inside that each hour of painting that passes that I’m getting myself into a hole I cant save myself from. I wanted this origami $ piece to work so bad but every step got worse and worse. I tried band aiding it by splashing the lavender and bright orange, a bad attempt at distracting the eye but I knew, I think everyone knew. I may have sold a few paper prints of the original, those should be treasured because they will never be available again. Its important to repeat that I learn from these pieces so much more that the great ones, or the complete duds, these pieces are my school so I love and respect them greatly and any artist that hates something they created needs to re-value and re-guard those pieces because they have so much more to say than the great pieces.


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