Trippy, LSD

Noir: Love, Sex, Desire, LSD- that’s all the fuel needed to power an immense journey through your mind. Drop a hit of this emotional rollercoaster, lean back and let yourself fall into its floaty, uncontrollable, unpredictable twists and turns. Relinquish yourself to love and in order to do this you must first love yourself! That’s the first stop on this scene! No one can do it alone. That leap of self-love must be taken alone! Life can be an ironic bitch, right?
Graff: I wanted the letters to help “float” this design keeping with the sensation of “Trippy”. To accomplish this, I connected the letters to the characters and made them so that they twist and swirl more than they usually do. On actual LSD, one experiences an out of body episode (so I’ve been told), and I wanted to translate that experience with curvy, weightless letters, free from any hallucinogenic styled crutches! Striving for an intermingling of letter and imagery.
”Part of “GraffNoir” Show


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