The Stripper & Stalker Bar

I have an idea to one day open a bar, a bar unlike any other bar ever before. This bar will be unique because it will staffed entirely of strippers, both male and female. I adamantly declare that it will not be strip club; what makes my bar different? My clientele, stalkers! Stalkers of my staff to be precise! My staff will invite their stalkers to the bar, making it the spot for the best stalker stories! We’ll have best stalker awards and prizes! Mixing proper cocktails is not a necessary requirement because stalkers will drink whatever is poured for them, and like it! They will also pay any amount deemed fit to charge, and like it! Don’t like it? There’s the door, stalk someone else! There will be a separate menu and cover charge for any voyeurs who just want to watch all this splendid abuse! I will be rich beyond my dreams!

Part of “Roots of EVL” Show