Seeing Pinky

I haven’t seen one yet, not a dancing one, not a pink one, but I have on several occasions drank well enough that I thought one may appear! I searched everywhere! I really wanted to see one… but no such luck! I decided to take the matter through my own hand and create the vision myself. He’s still a little abstract and somewhat unclear but if you consume an adequate amount of alcohol, you too can see him plain as day! The sober have a hard time seeing Pinky but children (sober of course, I’m no maniac), can see him as clearly as the intoxicated because kids have the clearest vision. Maybe Pinky is a reminder of a lost childhood– a time when laughter was innocent, when we were free and inspired by everything around us, before life reminded us to behave like good boys and girls in our surroundings. Pinky is a throwback to a time when seeing him was a good thing, maybe.

Part of “Still with Me?” Show


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