Pop Bull

With this piece, I confront my fear of the mighty and often misunderstood pit bull. Two scary and unrelated encounters with pit bulls have contributed to my chronic fear of this powerful beast. The first incident I remember like it was yesterday. I was skateboarding along when from under the dark benches came a charging black pit full speed right at me. With dignity, I closed my eyes, covered my “jewels” and whispered a quiet prayer, but to my astonishment, the dog yanked my skateboard from me! I was so relieved to be intact, but I did have to replace that deck. The 2nd encounter sent me to the emergency room after receiving a head butt from my friend’s pit, who I will call “No, not my dog, he’s nice!” These incidents left me with a fear of pits that came complete with recurring nightmares. Nightmares that have since vanished, along with my fear of pit-bulls after completing this painting. There’s nothing much better than effective self-therapy!

Part of “Pop-Pourri” Show