Noir: Who among us is worthy to cast the first stone? Who is purest of heart and mind to cast judgment on any other? We are all fallible, those in churches, mansions, penthouses all just as fallible as those in the projects or slums. Is banishment or censure the answer? Redemption can be found, but only if the road is taken whether by force or choice. The unknown can be a fearful idea; many people we know already choose a guaranteed misery over the unknown. Would you accept the path undiscovered if offered a “Last Chance”?

Graff: This 3D style is a simpler version of my normally complex and heavily shaded style. It’s been a personal challenge of mine in this series to accomplish the 3D aspect using a limited palette and graphic coloring instead of heavy shading and blending color. The outcome, especially here, is a completely new and hybrid style that combines original graffiti shapes from the NYC 80s style, the 3D style of the 90s and this new “super” Pop style, which I am really enjoying!

Part of “GraffNoir” Show


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