Interacial 3some

Noir: This outrageous show of taboo and wanton lust has been banned in several countries! Entry to experience what is being heralded as distasteful, immoral and completely classless will not be granted to any person under 26 unless accompanied by someone even older! It’s a must see in its depraved entirety on the big screen, a big moisture proof screen!

Graff: Spelling things phonetically is a common graffiti practice and I practice them liberally here. I purposely eliminated one of the “R’s” in interracial, hoping the viewer subconsciously senses the closeness between the characters, both human and letter. Phonetically,  “3some” was way more obvious. I’m not sure if my phonetic experiment worked since very few noticed the misspellings which is fine by me, maybe the imagery was too diztracting!

Part of “GraffNoir” Show