Whose in Charge?

A very fabulous painter friend (Mr. Popa, aka Conan) once told me that I’m always in control of my paintings and that I am the “master” of my works, which I kind of knew already; I think it’s a Virgo thing. He on the other hand, is the exact opposite because when he paints, he is the slave and his painting is his master. That really blew my mind. The painting is the master to the artist? Even now, as much as I understand it, I still find it hard to fathom. It’s a control thing that as an artist, I’m not disciplined enough to relinquish. My paintings and I and to some extent, you, the viewer, all dance together simultaneously. We form a trio but who is leading? Who is in charge? I don’t know if I’m the puppeteer in this performance; I only know that if I am, I am completely content in that role!

Part of “Still with Me?” Show


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