Sometimes all I need is a sheet of blank paper, a bottle of wine, and my ball-point pen to pull ideas and imagery from my mental closet. Being stuck hours on flights where it’s hard to distract myself helps a lot (I am distracted pretty easily). Long flights are actually the birthplace for many of my ideas, many of which became paintings for An Unusual Journey! On one particularly long flight I sketched this eagle face. As the eagle came to life I began seeing buildings (don’t ask why, I don’t any more), buildings then became homes by the simple addition of the mailbox. Shortly after, Homeland, concept and title, were born! My pen drawings are done in usually one in sitting with no pencil sketch, eraser or prior idea, just by placing pen to page and letting the hand and mind flow. So when I get something good like this I’m as surprised as anyone else!

Part of “Cleaning Out the Closet” Show


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