Harajuku Kitty

Somewhere in Japan there is the Harajuku district (I have visited it often thanks to the internet!), and on my many visits there (virtually) I learned that something amazing happens in Harajuku. Japanese teens dress in wild, colorful clothing (mostly home made)! It’s a wild explosion of youth, color, imagination and creativity! Everything from make-up, accessories, and fashion, to hair styling is molded, mixed and transformed into individualism! Individualism that has all but disappeared here in the states! Harajuku Kitty was painted free style; colors, shape and form were added as I went along! Some things worked, some didn’t, but the goal was never to have anything “work,” the goal was to explore the wrong road, to discover beauty in the awful mistakes! The goal is to reclaim individualism!

Part of “Pop-Pourri” Show


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