G! Graffiti, Pop! Pop art! G-Pop! My cutting, innovative graffiti style takes these letters and pushes them farther, twisting and bouncing them around! I’m shooting my six-shooter of style on the ground under the letters “feet” forcing them to dance to my tunes! The letters, still remain the base but a far and distant base. With a jaded fear that I may alienate the viewer, I felt I needed to go on this adventure alone so I can experiment more. How far could the letters go before they were no longer letters? I can easily see them but it’s been my experience that almost always I am the only one that can, which to me isn’t a bad place to be either. The letters of this piece, E, R, N and I (they are there I promise) are born of a style also crawling from its infancy.

Part of “Pixel Dust” Show


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