First Loves

This is not a painting about my first love from high school, although, it is secretly dedicated to her. Her blond petite-ness, her innocence, our combined naiveté and this painting are all about those times- those magical moments of “first times!” Remember when kiss lasted for hours and hours and your jaw was sore from it the entire next day, and that excitement was enough for you?! Remember when holding hands made you feel amazingly special? This is my painting dedicated to that first special someone, the first time you felt your heart pound! Through modern wonders (Facebook), I am fortunately back in touch with my first love but its different, she’s an adult, a mom, and we don’t share the same views on things anymore. We’re merely grown-ups now, but we share the same beginnings. Time can’t change all the first times we experienced together, and that’s something to relish!

 Part of “Still with Me?” Show


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