Inspiration for an artist (mainly, me) can come from anywhere, any place and any experience. It’s from these experiences that I find the artistic fuel needed for most of my works. The process begins almost immediately as my eyes open and I awaken. I begin on an insatiable trek to feed my creative soul searching throughout my every waking moment and I can say this, it is exhausting! Weeding out all the mediocre ideas trying to discover the gems is very tiring but well worth the drudgery. The inspiration for Cass, I think fittingly, comes from a spiritual and soulful schoolteacher whose light shined on my creative eye. It’s rare when you come across an inspiring beauty so when it happens you treasure it, or you recreate it. The letters are simple, curvy and flow beautifully with contradicting and deceptive planes. It seems effortless but it’s actually very complex and detailed, just like Cass.

Part of “Pixel Dust” Show


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