The still life, I can’t stand still life’s. All those high school hours wasted trying to reproduce this lame flower and fruit bowl never made any sense to me. It never looked good, we were just kids! Here is my revenge to the still life, as much as I can fathom an appreciation to the techniques or executions or use of lights and shadows! I researched many still life paintings, always with fresh fruits or veggies, some with meat and others with wine, all with pretty much the same crap so I went to the super market…for freshness, if you call what’s in the supermarket fresh, and there it was, inspiration! Right there beneath the flickering fluorescents, aisles and aisles of color and words claiming freshness, fruits, veggies, meats, everything I needed for my still life was there because food, whether fake or not is a vice, isn’t it?

Part of “Vices” Show


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