All City Blues

I often say, these days, I don’t struggle as much as I used to, but struggle is definitely an integral ingredient of my work. I always try to be inspiring and encouraging to fellow artists, especially to the younger artists of today, because I remember how much I struggled when I was younger. I grew up in the projects of lower Manhattan and it was not very much fun then as it may seem now. Brooklyn was no upgrade either. It always seemed the city’s streets were just another force to deal with daily, something else out to get me. My parked car (a business necessity that replaced my skateboard) constantly fell victim to thieves and ticket writing police. Funny how the two never ever crossed paths, but they were always out there, prowling around, waiting to catch a moment when I wasn’t looking to pounce on me. This painting is not a bitch-fest but instead, a confirmation that good, along with perseverance, can come from bad.

Part of “Pop-Pourri” Show


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