War is evil; no matter how esthetically pretty this picture is, it depicts war, and that’s simply ugly.  After all, what is pretty about the business of war, the deceptions fed to us to begin a war or the privatization of the business of war for profit? (It was never about getting the oil but to control it). The truth is, real war is just pure evil. In such an advanced and intelligent society that we claim to live in, how is it that we have let ourselves be in a war lasting over 8 years (at the time of this painting)? The score is evidence that this war isn’t a game: US casualties = 4459 and Iraqi casualties =110,000+. Not so pretty is it? In creating this painting, I am, in my own way, protesting. This is how I choose to deal with the anger and feelings about war, at least my protest is civilized!

Part of “Roots of EVL” Show


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