We set out really early on Friday morning, Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini, Bahamas was the plan. It being my first time on a small boat that I actually knew everyone on boat (I think my last boating experience was on the Staten Island Ferry) so I was really excited. Well that excitement quickly turned to white knuckle rough water riding! It was a tough 2 hours but when it was over we finally docked into the Bimini port, along with several hundreds of others (to all our surprise!) making the immigration wait take over 3 hours!

But we are fighters all determined to enjoy ourselves so the crowds, the terrible restaurant service, lack of quality food or markets wouldn’t sway our resolve, even the sporadic clean water shut downs in our suite wouldn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and best of all, great company and drinks so that’s what we did, we had a great time!

The return trip wasn’t as bad but we were all happy to get back to the mother land and celebrated by taking a dip in the pool and a wonderful lunch courtesy our gracious hosts and the Ft. Lauderdale Publix deli counter! Bliss was only 30 minutes from Miami, who knew! Bimini will always be a great memory!

Good bye Bimini!

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