May 13th, Miami. After a whirlwind month (almost a month) juggling my exhibit and pop up shop at Chelsea Market, murals at the 2 NYC Mercadito restaurants and another private residential mural with my dysfunctional family i found myself too wiped out to even attempt any new paintings back in Miami so i decided to bring the classics out for this show. All but 1 painting are from the mid to late 90s and the “A Look Back” was hung.

Rain threatened the art walk but held off and the night went wonderful with Ashley Betito once again selling samples of you super yummy cupcakes and the people of Miami showing up to support in force! Every art walk I’m reminded that opening my gallery shop in Wynwood was the right thing to do!

painting-Days of Grace parts 1 and 2 1998 and 2010

Tyson, if you were there you saw first hand the ferocity, the sheer monster power he possessed, it was amazing to experience first time out. Now you experience him only in retrospect but then, as it was happening, he was the most exciting boxer to behold, he literally made opponents fall from fear. This was all before the Buster Douglas fall from grace, before the Don King debacle. Tyson had to get vandalized to show how fleeting such power can really be. Mixed media on canvas.

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