Pop Art Graffiti, Original Graffiti Art, Graffiti Pop Art, Pop Art Original, Original Pop Art, Buy Graffiti ArtI know its been a very long while since my last newsletter, and don’t worry
I wont be boring you with any details, but I am happy to say I will resume my
updates again and release a newsletter for each new painting I complete or
any cool projects I am working on.

I’m quite excited about this new series, the acting name so far is
Freaky Diki Kitchen Sinky for now. Basically its every painting technique
I have learned through the past 4 decades all rolled into one.

“L.E.S.” is an homage to the neighborhood I grew up in, Lower East Side in
Manhattan, where although its not the place I grew up in I still cant help but
reminisce of all the adventures I had there. I could have stayed with my 3D graff style but there are too many people doing my style worldwide so I felt the need to push the envelope further so while there is still dimensions the dimensions don’t always make sense so instead of capturing the depth of the shapes I decided to bring backgrounds forward and vice versa.

Signed paper prints and limited edition prints on aluminum as always. Anyone
interested contact Red@evlworld.com. Thanks!

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