Profile Erni, Juxtapoz, September 2008

Art & Culture Magazine

The New York City Graffiti Issue


I have endured a lifelong love/hate relationship with graffiti. I have been challenged, bored, excited, annoyed, and thrilled by the movement. Graffiti has stereotyped me, personalized me, released me, and brought me many of the best travels, friends, and experiences, while it has also held me back and held me down. After 30 years I have finally given in to my obvious love and passion for the original American art form, thus my unabashed love has once again freed and individualized me, reenergized and filled me with passion to create more, accomplish more, and overcome more.

Graffiti is, as always, my vehicle, my companion, and my accomplice. But it’s not me; I am a different and unique individual hearing a constant whispering in my ear of color recommendations and shapes, guiding my body to express these forms. I see now how very fortunate I have been these years for graff, because now I see that I cannot be separated from it. It is the foundation that all my accomplishments have been built upon. It’s the fuel that jets me always a step ahead of the pack. – Erni

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