Jam on the Groove

Playbill, Minetta Lane Theatre, New York, 1997

Minetta Lane TheatreFor Sutton Hill Theaters

Alan J. Schuster and Mitchell Maxwell

Mitchell Maxwell Alan J/ Schuster Margaret Selby

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Hop documentary special, music videos for El Maestro, an Adidas commercial, and the feature films Thrashing and Electric Boogaloo. Orko participated in the 1995 LA Funk Festival at the Los Angeles Colliseum, the Big Five sporting Expo in Long Beach and as part of the closing ceremonies of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

EREINA ‘HONEY ROC WELL’ VALENCIA was born and raised in the Bronx and joined GhettOriginal in 1994. She is also a member of Rock Steady Crew. A strong gymnast, she has competed for the United States Gymnastic Federation. Honey Roc Well juggles her carrier with motherhood – she has a beautiful daughter, “Baby Roc Well”. <…>

ERNI VALES (Mural Design and Execution). In a career that began 15 years ago in New York City’s subway tunnels, Erni Vales has evolve into one of the world’s most premier graffiti artists. His unique blending of spray can art with a masterful control of modern painting techniques allows a constant creative flow that transfers through any medium. His work appears in films (Vampire in Brooklyn, Seven and Monet Train), restaurants, nightclubs, and many other entertainment driven functions.


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