Great Performances 20th Anniversary Special.

Celebrating Creativity, American Style, 1992

Hip Hop- you don’t stop

The Rhythm Technicians & Rock Steady Crew offer their own exuberant testimonial to the sustaining power of the arts in the dazzling performance of Hip Hop dancing. Together they are forging a new discipline in the performing arts that transforms gritty urban reality into a uniquely American form of artistic expression. Directed by Ernest Dickerson, backdrop by Erni Vales.

Great performances celebrates its 20th Birthday with a unique program of short new works from a variety of major performing artists, offering a dynamic demonstration of how the arts enrich us all.

Featuring an introduction by GREAT PERFORMANCES’ alumna Meryl Streep, this special program has a wonderful range of genres, styles and tones, reflecting the variety of performing arts that GREAT PERFORMANCES has grown to encompass. Collaboration is the order of the day, as some of our most acclaimed artists – including several other “GP” alumni- come together to create brand-new pieces. Perhaps never before has such a variety of talents gathered to perform for a national audience on the central theme of their lives. It is a rare viewing experience and a memorable beginning for GREAT PERFORMANCE’s THIRD DECADE.

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