Hip-hop Wonderland, 1995-1996

Showbill, The New Victory Theatre, New York

Hip-hop Wonderland


Bill Irwin &

Members of GhettOriginal Productions Dance Company

Leonard “Style” Acio

Leon “Mr. Twister” Chesney

Steve “Mr. Wiggles” Clemente

Zoraya “Zee Boogie” Clemente

Kenny “Ken Swift” Gabbert

Scott “DJ Skribble” Ialacci

Antoine “Doc” Judkins

Adesola “D’Incredible” Osakalumi

Jorge “Fabel” PabolJerry “Flow Master” Randolph

Roger “Orko” Romero

Ereina “Honey Roc Well” Valencia <…>

Written and Directed by Bill Irwin, Steve “Mr.Wiggles” Clemente

Choreography by Steve “Mr. Wiggles” Clemente, Kenny “Ken Swift” Gabbert,

Antoine “Doc” Judkins, Adesola “D’Incredible” Osakalumi

Music by Steve “Mr.Wiggles” Clemente, Antoine “Doc” Judkins

Lyrics by Kenny “Ken Swift” Gabbert

Graffiti artwork by Erni Vales

GhettOriginal Producer Margaret Selby

Clothing by Headhunter, Kangol, Lugz by N.Y. Lug Co., Tribal Gear

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