Cinco Style, Vivid Vales, Cinco Scene.FHM, May 2006

Vibrant colors and evocative imaged surround Cinco de Mayo. Mexican imagery, however, has moved beyond ancient Aztec pyramid carvings of serpents, spears and gods that many still associate with Mexico. Today, artists are talking fresh, new approaches to interpreting traditional Mexican iconography.

The style of artist Erni Vales represents the modernization of Mexican inspired imagery. Currently, Erni is using his critically acclaimed talent to design and paint a fleet of Cinco de Mayo tour busses for Dos Equis.

Beginning as an underground graffiti artist, Erni now creates art that transcends music, video, fashion and interior design – even television. Just last spring, Erni and his work were featured on Season 3 of The Apprentice on NBC.

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo 2006, Dos Equis’ sets the scene with an eight-city, cross-country party bus tour. To ensure the tour’s spirit with an authentic Mexican flavor, Dos Equis asked artist Erni Vales to design and hand paint the busses.

City Stops: Houston, TX, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, Ca, San Diego, CA.

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