david-lachapelle-001Working with David is always an adventure, his work is so fantastical and off the wall, that I never know what his mind is looking for. But luckily for me what comes from my mind through my arm is usually something he loves to shoot and when he called to book me for Christian Audigier it was like he didn’t even need to direct me at all.

David says tigers and I created 1 white and 2 orange fierce looking cats that were painted on wood and cut out so the were able to be moved around the set. The part I enjoyed most though wasn’t the tigers but the cut out cherry blossoms, I almost wanted to go home

and paint them there. They were so whimsical and fun and fresh. The set came out gorgeous even before props and people were brought into it and this led to some painting work for Christian Audigier afterward.

The cherry blossoms.


the tigers..


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