The Art Basel celebration that invades, takes over and dominates the first week of December in Miami has finally passed! We made the mistake in thinking it was over yesterday, but holy shitsnacks, there was still another full day to run through!

Luckily, I was able to see the Scope show which had been moved to Miami Beach this year.

Holy smokes! Lets try that one more time.

The Art Basel celebration for 2013 has finally winded down. One must understand that Basel has nothing to do with absolutely nothing aside from Art Basel itself. It has only acquired the name and so for years, has been called Art Basel- the art festival has spun off many satellite shows like Red Dot, Scope, Art Miami and a gaggle of others. The downside is there is a lot of art, and more so a lot of crap showing in Miami. The upside is that there is a lot of art and a lot of crap showing in Miami too.

Art is always in the eye of the beholder so if I’m being the beholder, I saw a lot of crap…the good news is I saw a lot of things that I thought were clever, well executed, powerful and reminders to myself that my work can also be considered crappy. That’s the stuff that gets my ass back to the studio, back to the brush and back to doing the thing that I do best. Not in any way do I feel I can do better than any one else, just better than the piece I did last.

Fortunately, because I have my studio space in Wynwood, I was able to see legends like Tkid, Cope2, CCHino BYI, Chor Boogie, Free 5 and Lady Pink, whom all managed to visit me during the chaotic week

I really began to realize more so than ever, how I got a space in a centrally located great area because Wynwood has officially, within the last 2-3 years, become the mecca for big named artists to come to. More importantly too, it has become a place where my friends can meet the local legends: Atomik, DJ Zoel, Miguel Paredes a.k.a Myst and so on and even more so on! The Style meetings of the world are right here in Miami, where I call home!

Miami is holding court in the urban art field right now- I am happy and proud to be a part of it!


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