Ar2facts, episode 42/ERNI, 2006

Featuring: Erni Vales, www.ernidesigns.com

In case of “when keeping it real” goes right (for a change) Alcone Marketing Group had the foresight to tap professional graffiti artist Erni Vales to design and paint a set of busses for Dos Equis’ annual Cinco de Mayo promotional campaign. The results (pictured here) were sensational.

Authenticity breeds attention, especially within the hip-hop community. Yet the advertising world will often over look this crucial element in the creative phase of an ad campaign, often with hilarious results. With a carrier spanning two decades Erni Vales has carved a niche helping companies such as Dos Equis, Mountain Dew and Mercury Records “keep it real”. As Erni explains it’s all about presentation. “I am rarely left out of the design process these days. Even early on I had no problems dealing in the corporate environment, mainly I think because I presented myself as a true professional. I was never what a client expected from a graffiti artist that made them more comfortable in including me in the creative process.”

As hip-hop matures into its oversized billion dollar demographic, so to will Madison Avenue take notice of it’s artist’s power to command attention. After all it’s in corporate America’s best interest to continue its responsibility to cater truthfully to its core market. Erni and Dos Equis this “SEZvesa’s for you!

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