Just an idea but, maybe it’s time for something outside the box, I call it “Show me.”

You want my vote, show me why! Put yourself on camera and let me watch you do what you do. Cameras have become so small and sophisticated that they could never be an intrusion into any public servants life so before I tell my best friend they are voting wrongly, let me show them, open the forums and let others study from your path.

To any candidate the actually voted into office (not including the Bush/Florida debacle of course), show me! We voted you into office now let us see in actual actuality what it is you do, turn the curtain away, let us make informed answers. Show me exactly why I would vote for you and not a rookie who has no experience in your seat! Show me.

If you cant show me, I may vote for the newbie, the guy who has never done this ever before to possibly know what’s in my best interest. Of course any true republican or democrat knows exactly what I am going through, as an artist of course! They must! So for my vote I only ask that they show me! They will be compensated handsomely for my vote if they win the election. All promise better lives for us all but truth be told we all live harder lives than ever, all except those who can win an office so I say again, show me!

Be live on camera, be reality in a country fueled by reality! Show us all who you are behind the closed doors, behind the secrets! Don’t tell us, SHOW US!

The technology is there, the ability is there! Show me! Show me and prove to me that either I was wrong OR, maybe I was right in casting a vote for you! Put the cameras of reality TV, the last remaining form of American culture, onto yourselves so we, the people can see what it is you do on a daily basis! Let us be informed so we can make an informed decision! Let us be wrong for OUR own choices and not lay blame on parties before! You want to be president? Take responsibility for that! Don’t lie blame in past regimes, take ownership and if not for anything. Show Me!

I have grown so tired of the commercials, the accusations, the embellishments and all other things I was taught to steer clear of in school so I ask, I beg, shine the light on yourself, you made this choice, not me so please, let me see what it is you do all day long, let me, let us all watch your daily progress and your setbacks and let us decide what’s really truth and stop making us all take just your words for it!

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