In 2010 I went on a personal creative mission first by opening a gallery shop in Wynwood, Miami, the new urban art capital of the planet and in that shop setting out to paint 13 paintings a month for 13 months, 169 in all. In this blog I will post as many of those paintings as well as new works and try to describe something about each new piece. That adventure I called “An Unusual Journey” This new blogging experience I will call my “New Journey” (at least until I get a more clever name for it!)

I learned a lot from that painting journey, one thing, totally by accident was that each painting has a little story, or blurb that goes along with it, I will include my original blurbs and my thoughts that come about now too! The blurbs were a simple thought that people loved so much I couldn’t omit them so now they, as well as the paintings are a part of me! Oh, one more thing because I’ve been asked before, EVL stands for Erni Vales LTD.

Photo- “Erni Newave! Live From New York” 1983. It was so rare to catch a white, clean virgin car like this back then!

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