The plan was, get to NYC from Miami, spend the night, up really early and catch a train to visit DC to see 2 of my American flag installations, one at America Eats Tavern, a Jose Andres restaurant which I am a self proclaimed fan of this creative and master chef ! Before that though we spent most of the day hiding from the heat, I think it was close to 100 so a cultural day was declared and we spent many hours in the DC natural history museum. Learning can be fun!

Finally it was time to see my American flag painting at America Eats, I hadn’t seen it since I finished it over a year ago. We were then treated to a sampling of really delicious tastings, oysters with a splash of gin and tonic.


and an angel hair styled mac and cheese were amazing then we were walked over to their sister restaurant Jaleo where we were seduced with more yummies, Asian styled fried egg with black caviar, (god I love eggs) was my fave!

Then back into the heat where after failing to catch a cab ended up walking a mile to the new Interpol offices to see my Interpol American flag painting. The irony of the flag paintings, first for the US Marshals and now for Interpol, always cracks me up and many times I tell people how I no longer run from the authorities, I just invoice.

After Interpol we had to literally make a running dash just to barely catch the 7:30 back to NYC and catch our (new) hometown Miami Heat bring the Larry O’Brien trophy home! I have to say it was a great day!

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